Acne Is More Than Skin Deep

Acne is a common skin condition that can appear anywhere in your body. This skin condition is very common among teenagers but can also effect adults and in rare cases, older adults. Because of this, thousands of acne treatments, oral and topical and modern acne therapies has been introduced in the market. But are these treatments really effective? Let us take a closer look at acne and find out the best way to treat it.

Let us start with topical acne treatments. Topical acne treatments usually contain active ingredients that helps unclog your pores from impurities, gently exfoliate your skin and eliminate the acne causing bacteria. Some individuals claim that they have experienced good results from these treatments. However, these treatments are not enough to completely cure acne. Using topical acne products is basically putting a fresh coat of paint on a rotten house. If you want to treat your acne, you need to start from inside out.

Some individuals choose acne supplements instead. These acne supplements do not actually treat acne directly, but are essential to promote skin health. What these supplements do is that they increase the body’s defenses and boosts the health of your skin. This allows your skin to heal itself and contain the acne causing bacteria naturally.

There are different theories that surround the formation of acne. The fact is the main cause of acne has not been established. Some say that it is caused by your diet or a malfunctioning gene. Others say that it has something to do with your hormones. All of these theories have a basis but these do not pinpoint the real cause of acne. All of these factors can trigger the formation of acne but these are not the real cause of acne.

The fact is that acne is formed partly due to your body’s reaction to the acne causing bacteria. Your body tends to control the colony of bacteria in your pores, thus you get the signs and symptoms of acne. In order to treat your blemishes, it is important that you train your immune system in such a way that it will be able to control the acne bacteria without causing too much of the inflammation. Studies show that probiotics can help you achieve this goal. Antioxidants can also help you strengthen your immune system and at the same time maintain the over all function of your bodily organs, specifically in this case, your skin.